If you’re interested in working together, please connect with me in one of the following ways. I’ll be happy to hear from you, and I’m usually able to respond in one business day or sooner.

Send me an email at This is the fastest way to get a response from me.

Call me at (206) 486-5272. You’ll probably get my voicemail, and if you leave a message I’ll call you back.

Once you get in touch with me:

  • I’ll offer you a free 15-minute phone consultation so you can tell me a bit about your reasons for seeking therapy, ask me your questions, and get a sense of whether you’d feel comfortable working with me.
  • After our consultation, if you're interested in working with me and I feel I can help you, I'll offer to schedule an initial appointment in my office.
  • If you don't want a phone consultation and would prefer to just schedule an initial appointment, please let me know; in most cases I'm happy to do this.

If the thought of a first meeting makes you feel anxious or uncertain, that’s okay! Many people feel anxious about talking with a therapist for the first time. You don’t need to prepare for our first conversation — it’s not a test. You might find that you naturally know what you want to share with me, or you might not be sure. I’ll guide our conversation to make sure that you get what you need.

If it seems like we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll find a regular weekly time to meet for therapy sessions. During our first one or two sessions, I’ll ask you a lot of questions so I can get a good sense of what your life is like and what’s going on for you, and together we’ll develop a strategy for moving forward.

It’s really important that you find a therapist whom you feel comfortable with and who understands you. At any point, if it doesn’t seem like I’m the best fit for your needs, I’m happy to provide referrals to other therapists.